2014 vintage

The very precocious springtime was a sign for a September harvest but the whims of the summer period prevailed over calculation.

First, on June 28th, the hailstorm which damaged the vineyards in Pommard and Volnay tempered our enthusiasm as it hit our vines from Nuits-Saint-Georges to Chambolle-Musigny.
The wet and chilly weather of August considerably slowed down the maturation process.
In September, a surprise guest called Drosophila Susukii*, compelled us to pre-harvest in order to take out the grapes infected by the acid bite of the insect.

The optimum weather conditions provided by a very sunny month of September, combined with the careful work of all our team reinforced by seasonal workers to tend each stock of vine enabled us to heal the wounds of the vintage.

Following a difficult birth, the 2014 vintage expresses the solar character of the early summer with its silky and rich wines but also the accuracy and delicacy of Pinot Noir from cooler years, reminding us of the fullness of 2007 together with the energy of 2002.

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