From pharmacy to oenology...

Marie-Christine follows her father into the medical field. She obtains her Doctor's Degree in Pharmacy in 1983. The subject of her thesis was "Is wine a medicine?"

At the beginning of 1988, Marie-Christine returned to the domain to give a hand to her father, who is ill. After his death, mother and daughters decided to work together on the domain. 

Even though "making the wine" had been part of her vocabulary since her youngest age and her degree in pharmacy gave her the chemical background for wine, she nevertheless studied oenology at the University of Dijon.

Her husband, Eric Teillaud, also a pharmacist, temporarily helped them whilst Marie-Andrée was still studying, with the vinification in addition to his professional pharmacological research.

Today, Marie-Christine supervises the wine as it ages and develops, and takes particular personal care over the bottling at the Domain.

Marie-Christine has two daughters, Lucie, born in 1985, and Clemence, born in 1991, as well as a grand-daughter Sixtine born in 2014 and a grand-son, Augustin, born in 2016, the first boy in the family.

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