17 May 2017

Spring frost: the worst has been avoided!

The exceptionally mild temperatures encountered in early spring led to a very quick development of the vegetation, and some sharp morning frost made us fear the worst at the end of April.
A collective action has been conducted in order to prepare anti-frost measures in order to avert the same damages as in 2016.
Straw was used to light small bonfires around the vineyards in Vosne-Romanée early morning on Saturday April 29th, producing smoke above the vines (cf. photo 1) to protect the buds from sunrise, and and thus to avoid the rays to reflect on the ice crystals formed on the young plants by the hoarfrost (cf. photo 2). This white frost has been induced by humidity, temperatures below 0°C and the lack of wind.
The Domain's anti-frost tower or wind machine (cf. photo 3) has been activated in order to protect the Vosne-Romanée vineyards along the main road.

Fortunately, no frost damage has been noticed at the moment.

Please click on the following links:
Smoke in the vineyards (photo 1)

Ice crystals formed on the young plants (photo 2)

Wind machine (photo 3)

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