09 June 2015

Town & Country - June/July 2015

"Mothers of intention"

"A Burgundian family shows that winemaking is decidedly not just for men".

"There aren't a lot of female vignerons in Burgundy...but Mugneret-Gibourg has a decidedly matriarchal feel.
They receive a steady stream of visitors with unfailing hospitality and warmth...
On my recent visit I was greeted by Marie-Christine, who started us off with the 2012 Vosne Romanée, a wine full of dark berry fruit and spicy floral highlights, living up to the illustrious name of the village. When we got to the 2012 Chaignots, from the village that ignited my passion for this domain, Marie-Christine said [I love my Chaignots. It's easy, like the child that raises itself]. Not the kind of language I'm used to hearing in the cellars of Burgundy...
The sisters also make a beautiful Chambolle-Musigny Les Feusselottes. However, the stars of any tasting here are the Grand Crus...
The sisters have become leloved figures among American Burgundy lovers...".

Selected extracts from "Town & Country, OUt & About Wine" of Jay McInerney.

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