02 November 2011

Effects of 2009 winter frost

2012 will be marked by the first harvest in the Pré de la Folie's young vine

Our Pré de la Folie vineyards, located in Vosne-Romanée, severely suffered on December 21st 2009 when temperatures dropped down
to -20°C (-4°F).
Unfortunately, other domains have been affected by these climatic conditions. Tens of hectares stretching along the lower side of National Road 74 remained for far too long under such a deep layer of ice and the vinestocks died.

Following a short period of hesitation, very sadly, we decided to pull out this plot of 90 ares (2.2 acres) after the 2010 crop. The vine was replanted with great care in April 2011.

The first harvest in this Pré de la Folie's young vine will occur in 2012.

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