03 December 2010

Direct from the cellar and the vineyards

The 2008 vintage was harvested under perfect weather conditions from September 26th to 30th after a capricious and changeable summer.

From the vineyard:

The leafing and flowering cycle the summer preceding the 2008 harvest was classical: the vines flowering between the 15th and 20th of June, and growing very evenly in spite of a foul summer, which demanded even more than our usual fastidious attention.

A true gardener's work was necessary for a well-managed and successful harvest. The all-seeing Saint-Vincent granted us a north wind and sunny weather in the days before the harvest, recognizing the need for a smile for discouraged winegrowers. Our faith in the end was richly rewarded.

from the Cellar:

The 2006 vintage is leaving our cellars for those of our clients, who are captivated by the charm of this vintage: pleasing to the point of encouraging greed, and full of the freshness so typical of our Pinot Noir...this wine will enrapture the impatient winelovers who carefully stored their 2005 bottles for longer aging.

The 2007 wines are uncomplicated - a surprise to our visitors - in spite of the unusual weather conditions for this extremely early (September 1st harvest) vintage, notable for its distinct aromas and, like the 2006 vintage, remarkable for the fresh quality that we adore finding in our Côte de Nuits appellations.

The 2008's have started their ageing in casks, and initial tastings already show great clarity and freshness. We'll have more news in a few months...

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